Vorlesung: Advanced Topics in Embedded Systems

Lecture: Advanced Topics in Embedded Systems

Department Embedded Systems
Professor Prof. Dr. Bringmann
Lecture Mittwoch, 16-18 Uhr
Room Hörsaal A301
Excercises -
Beginning This lecture will start on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 / Die Vorlesung startet am 16. April 2014.
Amount 3 LP
Amount of Exercices -
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LSF Entry Advanced Topics in Embedded Systems


This lecture discusses current topics and trends in embedded system research with special focus on design, analysis and verification of embedded systems and Systems-on-Chip. The lecture starts with an introduction into embedded systems architectures and electronic system level design. Then, the latest developments in analysis of non-functional properties like timing, power dissipation, and energy consumption are discussed. The lesson on verification addresses formal, semi-formal and dynamic techniques and give insights into run-time verification using different languages for formal property specification. The lecture finally covers advanced semiconductor technologies as well as reliability and functional safety aspects.

  • Introduction
  • Embedded and reconfigurable architectures
  • Electronic system level design (SystemC, TLM, TLM+, UVM)
  • Fast timing analysis and simulation
  • Power, energy and thermal analysis
  • Cyber-physical systems – sensors, actors and environment in the loop
  • Design space exploration
  • Formal, semi-formal and run-time verification
  • Advanced semiconductor technologies
  • Reliability and functional safety