Field of Research

The research activities described in the following address different aspects of the modeling and analysis of complex system behavior on a high level of modeling abstraction, particularly with regard to the current trends in embedded system design outlined before:

  • A first research activity is focused on an early analysis and exploration of a system's robustness characteristics based on an abstract system model. The investigations are targeting on the optimization of the algorithmic approach and implementation of robustness features, in particular taking into account that both hardware and software parts are involved in providing corresponding mechanisms.

  • A second research activity investigates the use of new sensor technologies, namely light field photography, in embedded systems. The activities address at the identification of new capabilities and innovative application scenarios, in which the new technology can be successfully brought in. This requires for a consideration of the complete signal chain, including sensor, signal processing and actor part, which results in a cyber-physical system view of the overall application.

  • A third research activity covers the seamless linking of abstract level system modeling and validation strategies to existing domain-specific synthesis and interfacing technologies for system implementation. This includes a refinement of system models to be processed in implementation tool chains, which are part of today's established industrial design flows.

  • A fourth research activity targets on an early consideration of temperature and power consumption aspects in the system design process, which is done by a derivation of constraints from the abstract system model to be applied in the floor planning phase of the system implementation step later on.