Electronic Design Automation

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In the past few years, key drivers in embedded system design are a continuously growing degree of system heterogeneity - which means that more and more design domains, e.g. digital and analog hardware, software, etc., are addressed simultaneously in the design process. It's also an ongoing trend that more and more parts of the embedding system environment become part of the system modeling and design challenge - which results in so-called cyber-physical systems. These trends result in new issues, for example, concerning an appropriate mapping of environmental constraints into an abstract system model and an exploration of application scenarios based on that model. In this context, the analysis of complex system characteristics, which requires for a holistic view of the overall system behavior - like safety, security, or robustness features - gets more and more ambitious. Furthermore, the underlying circuit technology has a large impact on embedded system design in terms of performance, energy consumption and dependability aspects. Thus, new technologies like FD-SOI are investigated to improve energy efficiency and robustness for future embedded systems applications.